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R. SELVARAJ must win in Neyyattinkara.

R.Selvaraj, candidate for assembly by election in Neyyattinkara consituency,scheduled on JULY 2 ,2012

R.Selvaraj,(the Steel fort of Nadars), is the last hope for unprivilaged Nadar caste in South Kerala.
He is the former MLA of CPM from here.He resigned and left CPM citing reasons as he is sidelined by leadership  and he is his family are the targets of marxist extremists ,plotting to kill him.As it appears true after the murder of T.P Chandrasekharan.(ex-CPM activist)

All Nadars should vote for him.

CPM is dominated by Ezhavas and upper caste Hindus.The marxist leadership in Trivandrum District is dominated by Hindu Nairs,they were historically torturing Nadars for the last 300 years in Kerala.

Some facts

1.CPM wants to eliminate the strong Nadar politician, Selvaraj from political scene forever.

2.They field a weak nadar Candidate F.Lawrence (he is not even a full party member),to disperse nadar votes(55%) in constituency into two.

3.They(CPM) aspire their Rajettan (O.Rajagopal, a nair) of BJP to emerge as winning candidate.

4.CPM fielded Lawrence for divide the Nadar Votes and make easy victory for Rajagopal.

5.Even if Lawrence wins,he is weak and not challenging to CPM Leadership and certainly not useful for Nadar Community.

If Selvaraj wins,

6.He would be the MLA of Neyyattinkara forever,like K.M Mani of Pala.

7.He would be a Minister in Future,or after this election,with Nadars holding positions in Corporations.

8.Outspoken voice for Nadar Community with 3 Congress MLA in its fold (AT George,N.Sakthan were others).

9.Reservation for Nadar Community(at least 5%)

10.Hindu Nadars,SIUC Nadars,CSI Nadars,Latin Catholic Nadars,Malankara Catholic Nadars would be influential in Future Kerala politics and of course in India.

Think more,this is the historical turning point\\\
All is to do is VOTE FOR SELVARAJ and propagate the idea.........

Be a part in this historical event.....



Richie Richardson said...
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Richie Richardson said...

Yes all Nadars of Neyyattinkara constituency must vote uniquely for R.Selvaraj, as he being a good man. Though Ezhavas and Nadars emerge from same branch, the politically powerful Ezhavas are not getting interested to win the support of Nadars of Travancore. So, it is time to teach them a lesson. sometimes brotherly fights cannot be ignored.

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Yea,Richie .we should teach them a lession.

My next post is regarding the falsified and biased population statistics of Nadars in Kerala,to deny reservation.
Can you give me it valuable information.
Who are the ones conspiring against us?

Wilson croke said...

this time O.Rajagopal should win.Its not about the party or religion.Selvaraj was there in the ministry earlier also..what he has done for the people?I am not the follower of any political party.but personally feels that Rajagopal should win for the development of the nation and constituency.he is the man will do that irrespective of nairs or nadars. Jai hind!

Richie Richardson said...

If he is a man do things irrespective of nairs and nadars, then why he request the state BJP to field a Nadar candidate in Neyyatinkara? Why he himself contest neyyattinkara constituency where Nadars form more than 60% of the electorates? Will BJP allow any Nadar person to contest from Nair dominated Chavara or Karunagapally?

He use communal card to win the Ayyavazhi Hindu Nadars, who form about 40000 in numbers. So personally i feel Nadar should defeat a Nair conspiring to win from Nadar dominated segmet.

Vote R.Selvaraj.

Gireesh said...

Guys, Now think and decide

Do we need a "real person who is ready to take responsibilities and can do things.... or do we need some real politician"?

Lets vote for O.Rajagopal...

O.Rajagopal will win for sure.....

Vinus said...

Heloo ,

Its time people to vote for good governance & development. What happened for karamana -kaliyikkavila high way? what happened to the proposed neyyattinkara hospital? Do you still want everything to go to malappuram & kottayam.? What the government did to control the price rise? Another increase in petrol price is waiting for you.What the goverment did for fisher man?.Why is trivandrum lagging behind compapred to cochin and Calicut?.Its upto you to decide whether you voters want to fooled again by the allegation politics of UDF &LDF which existed for 55 yrs.Its politics without principle
Vote for change.This time intelligent voters of neyyattinkara can't be fooled.Think before it is getting too late.Rajagopal should win with a huge margin

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Hi brother Gireesh, you may belonged to racist Hindu fanatical association,
why should we vote for BJP,in which

Everyone is blind prehistoric superstitious believers in rituals,black magic etc.
Someone not wearing even footwears.
Trying to impose yoga and sunworship in public schools.
Performing rituals with chicken head in state assembly(Karnataka).
BJP leadership consists only of high caste Hindus.
Killing poor christians in Orissa,who is denied of rights, like suffered by Nadars 2 centuries before.

I personally admire Hinduism than other religion,than Christianity itself,because it is the most friendly ,broadest,flexible and even harmonius to ecosystem, no hidden agendas for world conquest,
We all Indians are generically Hindus, but what happened is caste system destroys Indian society, and the modern advocates are BJP,RSS etc.
Still deeply troubling is those who persecute poor ones ,is now in forefront in celebrating anniversaries of Temple entry Proclamation,Upper Cloth revolt.

How BJP win in Neyyattinkara,my dear brother?

ani said...

Neyyattinkara will Vote for Shri O. Rajagopal. The most sincere politician left in Kerala, today.

CPM needs to ensure selvaraj's defeat and large number of votes will flow to BJP. Also regional congress leaders and traditional gandhians are not happy about selvaraj's candidature. This will lead the best shot for BJP's O Rajagopal...

ani said...

O Rajagopal, he is the only man who has put incredible efforts for kerala railways when he was deputy minister in Vajpayee Govt..

Look around kerala how many new trains he introduced,
how many new stations he installed, how many stations upgraded to model stations..
how many railway bridges and highway overbridges...
Those who travel from Calicut to Kannur, they know how many level crossings where converted into over-bridges when BJP was in power.

Just compare with UPA govt and Vajpayee govt..

ani said...

People of Neyyattinkara got a wonderful opportunity to create history by electing Sri. Rajettan. Because....
He never switched politics from one party to other side...
He never took any bribe.
He never brought in his son/daughter into politics.
He never opened a Swiss Bank account.
He never have an enemy.
Clean life....
Neat family man...

ani said...

People of Neyyattinkara have a chance to elect a clean person who cannot be termed as a politician in the true meaning of present-day-politicians at all. So,use your chance; kick out of the 'kandam chaadikal'. Kick out the 'kolayalikal'. Kick out the '2G scamsters'.

VOTE FOR O RAJAGOPAL.. "Justice for all.. Appeasment for none.."

ani said...

Mr.Richie, oppenents accusing BJP is communalist. Those who read your above statements will say who is the real communalist. Why you insist to feild a Nadar candidate in neyyattinkara ? Why u are spreading Nadar communalism ? We need to elect a clean person who cannot be termed as a politician or communalist. So Rajettan's win is sure and must.

Vinus said...

Hi Frederick,

We shouldn't take kerala back by 100 yrs in the name of caste. If we keep talking about the past we will create question marks on the future also.Hindu community is comming out of caste & poverty doesn't belong to any caste its the same feeling for all the people. Let us vote for change and see whats the difference. In india there is not a single party which is secular by all means.All parties including Congress act "sicular" and make money. Change is comming, be a part of that.

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Dear brother Vinus,
I understand ur feelings,In kerala everything is decided by caste.NSS,CATHOLICS,MUSLIMS achieve success through caste politics.
We suffered a lot ,we have only 2% reservation in kerala even though we form 10%.
Selvaraj entry into congress deeply hurts us,because we preffered him as a independent candidate.We are (Nadars) are not the followers of caste,because majority of us believe in Jesus ,deeply patriotic to the country.
What we need is we need to have proper representation in assembly,(we can actually claim 13-15 MLA),but only 3 in reality.....
In neyyattinkara ,upper cloth revolt tookplace,Rajettan belongs to persecutor class, and also he is from Palakkad.....
So there is no place for Rajagopal in Neyyattinkara....
We decide to vote for Selvaraj,because to teach CPM ,who has long denied the community,and not because of leaning to congress...
Why BJP not fielded a Nadar Hindu candidate in Neyyattinkara,which has 60% of total population?

But Vinus,if you not belong Nair community,quit BJP at the earliest,and join CPM ,otherwise you will be betrayed...

Vinus said...

Hi Brother Federick,
Well you keep repeating things which happened 200 yrs back, no one can do anything which may have happened in the past. During Mughul & British rule the entire India suffered in all ways because of that do we say anything about any community ...??? Well Christianity also has caste & sub caste... u know it well, please don’t close eyes and make yourself blind. Appreciate the patriotic feeling from you. Reservation should be also be based on economic condition of a family not only on caste because money is one of the main differentiator at this point of time. BJP is the party which gave a central cabinet birth to Nadar community .Muslim league is not communal even if they speak only about one community--- why these double standards of Congress?. Scholarship for SC/ST students is only 120 where as for minority students it is 1200...why these double standards...? Haj pilgrimage subsidised where as temple money is taken away by government---why this happens..?We require only equal status nothing more. Poverty is same for all human beings. A person who delivers development needs to be elected. Regarding my community I am a proud Hindu.

Richie Richardson said...

I bet Selvaraj wins from Neyyattinkara. Rajettan you gets deposit this time...! Thanks for splitting Nadar votes.

Vinus said...

Conscious of common people who worked for Selvaraj last time is deeply hurt & wounded. This is the land of swedheshabhimani, ppl won't forget thinks so easily and they won't sacrifice their values. Lets wait till June 15

Frederick Von Paulus said...

I dont want to hurt the conscience of brother Vinus,

I honestly believe,Selvaraj resigned from CPM because of sidelining him due to his background from Nadar community.If he didn't buy money from congress, he must and should win,because we don't want an MLA from Palakkad..

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Now the contest is between Selvaraj and Rajettan,Lawrence already reserved the third place..

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Dear brothers,
I m not a congress party enthusiast.I m a liberal Christian,faithfully acknowledging that a converted christian.
I believe that Hindus are one of the most liberal and flexible people on the world.
I don't believe in mass conversion to Christianity.I sincerely believe in conversion of hearts to Christ,not material conversion to any of perverted churches.
But through the love of Jesus,any Hindu or Muslim can be a follower of Christ, even within temple or mosque.
Jesus taught that we can have the privilege through his,love. Don't look the Churches like CSI,CATHOLIC,ORTHODOX,PENTECOST,THERE IS NO GOD IN THERE.Any one who want the love of Christ,if they approached any of churches,they make you sad and demands the money.they plays caste even though it is forbidden...

Vinus said...

Dear Brother Frederick,

Just a few questions to you,since i was never able to find answers
Why Sri Selvaraj contested last election (less than 10 months back) in CPM ticket if he was sidelined ? ( Could have moved to UDF then itself. Reason-LDF in power, not sure whether UDF will come)
Why Sri selvaraj realised that he was sidelined only on March 2012?
How long can you vote for a party which has increased petrol price to this level and keeps saying something of that happened in Onjiyam as if happened first time ? ( aren't they fooling people)
UDF Govt has some plans in paper & but not executed & i doubt whether it gets executed in next 4 yrs. If you could say something which benifited tvm i will be happy.

But I do respect your thinking & opinion also.Take care

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Dear brother Vinus,

The changing stance of Selvaraj,really shocked me,I honestly believed that he would contest as an independent candidate.

The petrol hike is really annoying the youth,because happiness lies in freedom,of course freedom of travel.Anyone who denied this ,should be the traitors of the country and its precious youth.

What Rajettan (he shook my hand while I m in swadeshabhimani park ,NTA )can do if he won ?May be he a good person,but what one can do when he is devoid of power.

Why everyone denied TVM ,because it is a Hindu City,it is only city in India,where Islamist fanatics never able to exert power and British never ruled(at least in paper),it is a great cultural city ,that no other place in kerala boasted similar importance...
Why this happens,because it is due to century long fight between 2 brethren-Nairs (+ other Hindus)and Nadars which forms 80% of total population.If they unite, and stand for Travancore,no one can beat it.
I hates Islam and Syrian Christianity,why? Their name implies that they submits to Mecca and Syria,not recognizing the homeland.Strip their voting rights,if they not recognize India.It is not their fault,they they are trained to do like that..

If BJP accepts modern Hindus and ethnic converts loyal to country,don't cheat people with tax money,favours involvement of everyone in country making process,openness to everything, casting out superstitions and rituals,not good to mankind( incense burning in churches,rituals with chickenhead in assembly by poojaris),freedom for live and travel,persecuting enemies of state without regard of religion and politics(madani,kottooran,pinarayi vijayan),I would stood for a pro Indian party.

Because I and Christ in deep relation,he would only regard whether I love others,his most important teaching.

To knowledge of my brother,what the bloody church men do in Constantinople is that they are discussing theological aspects of house fly contamination in holy wine during holy mass,while Muslim invaders are at gates.If Jesus was there ,he remove the fly and gave it to improvised people outside church.

I deeply acknowledge your cultural superiority, and your conscience.I m not a man to judge your views, I respect it,because future of India must rest in such capable hands.Remember brother,I m a Travancorean,not an Israeli.Each Travancorean should die for country,brotheren and king,rest lies in God in heaven.

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Selvaraj would get 55,000 to 75,000 votes.
Rajagopal :30,000 to 45,000.
Lawrence: 25,000 to 40,000.

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Supporters of BJP (Rajagopal) behave like toads in well.Those who support online is Hindu extremists,not his followers,they dont belong to electorate,but IT proffessionals with RSS leaning.In fact ,among the eligibile voter community,only around 10 % only are regular active internet users,less than 5% are entertaining in discussion about By election. Of this Rajagopal would get around 1-2% support online from Neyyattinkara Voters.
People from Neyyattinkara are hard working and hThey consume minimal alcohol compared to rest in Kerala.It is considered as a taboo still.They won't get acceptance in any situation,marriage or during mourning...It is the place where great historical events took place in past.No one can deny it.

Vinus said...

Well if you think speaking of social justice for Hindus is extremism let it be...! When minorities demand and get things with the use of government power it is called"SECULARISM".I think you need to open your eyes and see things around...Whats happening to moral policing incidents happening in Muslim dominated areas...?? why Muslim league didn't react on this? Why there is no media coverage...? If this happened from hindu organisation u know the kind of media coverage it will get...right.This happen only in India. IPADS, Table & Chairs are given to poor minority students... where should the poor majority students go ...? Demanding social justice is the right of individual. Indian constitution say equal rights and justice to all .... but u know the truth thats happening in Kerala.

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Brother Vinus,
Is it social justice,when RSS flocks marching with Trishuls and night sticks during demonstrations? Tampanoor Ravi ,is a Hindu,we have voted for him many times.
Suppose Akhilesh Yadav is contesting,I will vote for him,even there is Selvaraj.Look brother,future leaders would learn from him, he abolished Goondas and mafias from UP,supports all including minorities.Is he not a Hindu?
Why brother,you think to demolish the great Indian Secularism which our Hindu brothers made in 1947.Christians are not your enemies,we have lived together for nearly for 20 centuries(.controversial).
British liberated 1100 years of Muslim rule in India and handed to original Hindu owners,are British enemies for you ,eternally?? You can live peacefully in Britain than in Saudi.
Brother, cast out your negative thoughts from ur good mind,your concern will be over..,if you intentionally love others.Hindus must be the rulers,they are most secular and rational,the main essentialities of a ruler.
Be forward and modern, Join to more idealist party,eg Congress and modify them.
My main concern is ,never again my country will fall to Muslim extremists inside and outside.....

Vinus said...


Think you are deviating from the points i raised.Secularism doesn't mean that Hindus shouldn't be given certain things & only some sections need to get certain rights. This is where the main issue comes. Secularism means equality to all and appeasement of none.Here people have given diff meaning- Wealthy Minority community gets all benefits & no benifits to Hindus because of majority tag.Can you agree with me that this is happening education,Medical sector,scholarship, n number of things. Secularism of 1947 was demolished looong back.....I am not pointing out to any organization or any individual.If Congress & ML are secular then BJP is also more secular than them. I think in 6 years of Central rule there was equality to all sections & there was no appeasement to any particular section.Well i have not grown that big to correct any political party like Congress hehe.I agree with your point-never again my country will fall to Muslim extremists inside and outside.You may read the article on Kaumudi on Love Jihad which is shocking

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Brother Vinus,

I don't criticize BJP or denying equality to Hindus in the brand of Secularism.Is it good for Hindus to behave like Muslims,we have more cultural superiority to them.I can advise you,can I advise a Islamic fanatic,whether they hear me?
Christians are the most persecuted in the world(plz read in internet) than Hindus in Mideast.
If u belong to higher caste Hindu group,you may denied reservation,but u have more intellectual capital and survival advantage than others,if u viewed as a group.A recent poster by NDF indicated that around 40% of all PSC jobs possessed by Caste Hindus(controversy).

Struggle hard,success Will be with you, if without reservation,it would much benefit your self esteem.

Everything will be over,all we need is a great ruler for India, who eradicate caste system,restriction of religion to home, punish enemies of state without fear.All who acknowledge Mecca or Rome should leave the country...

Do you know history of CSI church,it was started from an invitation from Nair/pillai convert(Vedamanickam) to William Tobias missionary.

It's logo is Lotus flower embedded in Cross, a perfect amalgamation of Hindu and native, Followers of Christ for India,We are not and proud of Syrian ancestry.

BJP needs to be evolved,refined,to be modernised, otherwise enlightened Hindu society won't accept it.

Thankful....Not to be concerned who win in by election.
Take care..

Richie Richardson said...
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Richie Richardson said...

Victory for Nadars in Neyyattinkara:

In the by-election which saw Bharatiya Janata Party’s O. Rajagopal putting up a strong show,
Mr. Selvaraj secured 52,528 votes against CPI(M) nominee F. Lawrence’s 46,194 votes. Equally significant as Mr. Selvaraj’s victory was Mr. Rajagopal’s strong showing. He raised his party’s tally in the constituency by over four-fold as compared to 2011 Assembly election by securing 30,507 votes. The BJP nominee had secured only 6,730 votes in 2011.

Frederick Von Paulus said...

The sad thing is that Why BJP not allows installation of statue of Sundaran Nadar in Bus Stand Junction,Neyyattinkara.Is it because he s a Nadar? Why don't they think his contributions overall,while serving as a minister?
Caste still exists in Neyyattinkara.Old Nairs still hungering to torn the jackets of Nadar caste, and I can see it in Rajettan's face.
This is the starting point for great changes in history.

We Nadars will wipe out Caste system and its atrocities from face of Kerala and India.

Victory for Nadars.
Victory for Selvaraj.

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Is there any man in Kerala's history, who challenged the CPM,quit instantly,dared enough to contest in same constituency,in same period ,and achieved a whopping Victory???
It is because he is a Nadar and he is a native of Neyyattinkara...

Frederick Von Paulus said...

Thank Lord,the statue of Sundaran Nadar is installed in Neyyattinkara on 5-9-2012, even though Caste Hindu extremists(not NSS) with BJP/RSS leaning played cheap Cards in form of "Desiya Patha Samrakshana Samithi" took the case to High Court,then Supreme Court,it even not allows to file the case..
Shame to all who participate in demonstrations,shame to bear caste equations even to this day..even your children should be doomed due to your adulterous ancestry and minginess..

Vinoth said...

hai friend i am vinoth nadar from tamil nadu we are proud to be nadar and also one request for you muslim population rises in india due to that fact expected 2050 or 2070 muslim will be majority in india.for eg in pakistan and bangladesh hindu and christian population reduced heavily we should take step to control muslim population.we are thinking about caste wars but that muslim will silently growing to achieve the majority status

Vinoth said...

when muslims will become absolute majority in india & india will be declared islamic country, if we r not checking it now!!! i am not from rss but i like hindu,christian,sikh,jain,buddhism.except muslim they are like mosquitoes spread all over india to achieve majority status. in other us survey says in 50 years muslim will majority in the world.

Frederick Von Paulus said...

hai vinoth, ur findings are deserved special attention,because it is mentioned in right time.
We should know certain facts
If Muslims form just 25% in a geographical area,they dominates.For Christians it is more than 50%,
Now unofficialy Muslims r
20% in India;
35% in Kerala;
10% in Tamilnadu;

To Control them a pro nationalist party should win in India.BJP is forefront in persecuting Christians,to revenge against British Rule,despite the fact that British drove Muslim rulers from India and make this Sulthanate into secular nation.
BJP should win, make peace with western nations,USA,ISRAEL,Chinese people(not communists),Christians, and restrict Islam,not Muslim people in strict sense.

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